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What is Zuna?

Zuna is a business sales app that runs on mobile tablet devices. It provides online catalog to showcase products on the go along with product images, specifications and marketing collaterals. Zuna is delivered in a true Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) subscription model to reduce the turnaround time for going live and startup costs.

What are the features of Zuna?

Following are some of the features Zuna is providing:

Product Listing: Upload all products and create different categories and sub-categories. App also facilitates to upload images for each product category and product.

Sales Collaterals: Upload datasheets and interactive videos for each product categories and sub-categories.

Order Entry: Write orders within app and instantly generate quotes. App also allows placing an order through barcode and QR code scanning.

Dealer Locater: Locate your nearest dealer using the zip code and interactive map to display exact dealer location and optimal route to reach the dealer.

Data Sync: Access all your products and customer information on the go in absence of Internet connectivity as well. You also get the latest updates through Push notifications.

Do features vary with the plan I choose?

Absolutely not. Every Zuna customer gets the full suite of features. We don’t believe in charging you extra for the additional module. Zuna pricing varies based on the add-ons that you buy with basic plan. Please visit our Plans and Pricing page for more details.

I’m not a technical gig. Is Zuna for me?

Yes! Zuna requires minimal technical knowhow. The setup is simple and fast. You do not need the ios or Android programming to configure an application .If you need some help to get started, please get in touch with us and our support team will be happy to serve you.

Where I can use Zuna?

Zuna can be used on the go, at customer sites, trade shows and any place that you wish to access your products from.

Who uses Zuna?

Zuna is for any industry vertical selling products and services. Our app is optimized for sales reps and owners to use on the go, at customer sites, tradeshows. Zuna also is a great tool for marketing products to the general public available for download from the app stores.

How much does it cost to me?

Zuna pricing is available for various device types. You can select your plan accordingly and sign up.

How do I update information in Zuna?

You can manage and update all your information from Zuna HQ. From Zuna HQ, you can manage the app branding, your products, datasheets, users, reports etc. You do not need to have programming knowledge to manage your application.

How does Zuna update?

Once new feature are released, the Zuna HQ will show you a notification. Once you select the new features and generate a new app to submit to the app market, the users who have downloaded the app will get a notification for the new version.

Do I always need an Internet connection?

Absolutely no. Zuna app supports offline mode by synchronizing all your information with Zuna HQ. You can get all your products information and order history and continue to sell them no matter where you are or without Internet connectivity.

Can I customize Zuna application?

Yes! The app which you will be downloading will be your own app with your company logo and name. Apart from that, you can choose the layout and colors from available options. Additionally, you can avail our Custom branding add-on wherein we will create your customized layout and branding stuff.

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