Mobility Transforming B2B World See how Mobility transforms B2B Sales and Order Processes by attracting more sales opportunities and loyal customers for your business.
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  • 92% of Fortune 500 companies are deploying or test driving the iPad & tablets
  • $1 trillion mobile sales revenue projected by 2017
  • 47% of business stakeholders surveyed see demand for sales force automation applications on tablets
  • nearly 50% of users have smartphones in the US and Western Europe
  • mobile commerce sales increased by 81% in 2012
  • 75% more customers more inclined to purchase from companies that have their own mobile apps

Sales Force

Your sales force is screaming for a simple tool that will allow them to close their business deals quickly and efficiently. They need solutions that help them compete in the bleeding-edge mobile world with an application designed to integrate your whole back-office operation and a simple system that allows you to work smarter and sell more.

By going mobile, ZUNA launches your company beyond slower moving brands.

Benefits of ZUNA

  • Your custom native Mobile Sales Application in App Store
  • Reduce time to market using readymade framework available in the cloud
  • Quicker ROI
  • Multi-platform supported – iOS, Android and Windows
  • Proven Tested Components
  • Cost-Effective Solution

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